Condominium Unit Owners

Your condominium is more than a home - it’s a reflection of your lifestyle. We believe in helping you protect that lifestyle from things that are beyond your control.

That’s why we’ve enhanced our Comprehensive Condominium Package Policy to address the unique needs of condominium owners.

Industry Leading Coverage for Peace of Mind

While your condo association provides insurance coverage for the building(s) and associated liabilities, if policy limits or coverages are inadequate, individual unit holders sometimes have to make up the shortfall. For that reason, we have developed a Condominium Protection Endorsement to address these possible shortfalls in your association’s policy.

This specialized endorsement pays up to $500,000 in any one occurrence for loss or damage by an insured peril and applies to any one or a combination of the following coverages:

  • Unit Additional Protection

    Responds in the event of a loss where the coverage or limits of the condominium corporation prove to be inadequate.
  • Assessment of a Corporation Deductible

    Responds if you are assessed a portion of the corporation’s deductible from the master policy.
  • Unit Improvements & Betterments Coverage

    Responds if you have made improvements to your unit (such as an upgraded kitchen or bathroom) that increased its value over the basic coverage provided by the condominium corporation.
  • Loss Assessment Coverage For Your Common Elements

    Responds in the event that the condominium corporation assess you for a portion of an uninsured loss.

In addition to covering your contents and personal belongings, we provide many other benefits and special limits:

  • Legal Liability - $1 million
  • Loss Assessment Liability Extension - $1 million
  • Voluntary Medical Payments - $5,000
  • Voluntary Property Damage - $1,000
  • Jewellery/Furs - $6,000
  • Professional Equipment - $5,000 On-Premises and $2,500 Off-Premises
  • Property of a Student Away From Home - $20,000
  • Additional Living Expenses - An Amount Up to 50% of Your Personal Property Limit
  • Identity Theft Coverage - $15,000
  • All Risk Coverage
  • Replacement Cost on Personal Property
  • Personal Property Temporarily Away From Your Premises
  • Mass Evacuation Up to Two Weeks
  • No Limit on Bicycles
  • No Limit on Golf Carts
  • Condominium Maintenance Fees
  • Contents Kept in an On-Site Storage Locker
  • Temporary Membership to a Fitness Club or Health Club

Portage Mutual works with a network of insurance brokers across Canada. They are licensed professionals who work for your best interests and help you navigate the complexities of your insurance purchase.

Coverages and limits are subject to change. This is a general description of coverages. Actual policy conditions govern.
For a complete description of coverages please consult your insurance broker or the policy wordings.