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Diversified Coverage for Greater Security


If you’re a farmer, helping to produce the world’s food is your business and life. Ensuring you can keep providing this vital service is ours. At Portage Mutual, we understand the diverse nature of farming operations and the many challenges farmers must meet every day. We know that farming is not just a job, it’s a way of life and that farm operations have unique insurance requirements. To that end, we offer a choice of products to insure your home, that special place where the heart is and where many cherished memories are made. We offer many important coverages required to protect your home including:

  • Your dwelling and other structures on your property
  • Your contents
  • Additional Living Expenses should your home be unfit for occupancy after a loss
  • Personal Liability (bodily injury, property damage, and medical payments to a third party)

You have your choice of coverages with two main coverage options:

  • Farm Homeowners Essentials package to cover the basics
  • Farm Homeowners Enhanced package that includes extra coverages you might find necessary for your comfort
Residential Pro

A Sample of Highlights of our Homeowners Enhanced Package:

  • $1,000,000 liability included (up to $5,000,000 available)
  • Identity Theft Coverage $25,000
  • Mass Evacuation Coverage 30 Days
  • Professional Property on or Off Premises $5,000
  • Building Bylaws Coverage $30,000
  • Conviction Reward Coverage $5,000
  • Jewellery/Furs $10,000
  • Property of a Parent in a Nursing Home $20,000
  • Personal Property of a Student Away $20,000
  • Golf Carts no limit
* For a complete listing of features and special limits of insurance for the Farm Homeowners Essential or Farm Homeowners Enhance Package, please consult with your insurance broker who can walk you through the limits which are also contained in our Agricultural Pro Policy Booklet.

In addition, every farm policy comes with these basic coverages:

  • blanket bylaws
  • conviction reward
  • corrals & fencing
  • cost of preparing proof of loss (including professional fees)
  • cost of restoring farm operations records
  • cross liability
  • emergency entry expense
  • exhibition extension
  • farm office furnishings & equipment coverage
  • fire department charges
  • good neighbour coverage
  • livestock vandalism
  • master key/lock repair or replacement
  • newly acquired livestock
  • newly acquired or constructed farm buildings
  • newly acquired or leased farm machinery & equipment
  • non-owned livestock
  • permission to custom farm & use machinery for custom farming (except spraying)
  • pollutant clean-up & removal expense
  • private power & light poles
  • produce & packaging
  • supplies coverage
  • property in the custody of a common carrier
  • removal of property
  • veterinarian supply coverage
  • waiver of coinsurance

For added protection, customers can choose to add on our Universal Ag Enhancement that increases limits of coverages as well as adding other important enhancements:

  • corrals & fencing
  • exhibition extension
  • farm office furnishings & equipment
  • good neighbour coverage
  • permission for custom farming (except spraying)
  • pollutant clean up
  • private power & light poles
  • property in the custody of a common or contract carrier

Extra Coverages included with the Universal Ag Enhancement:

  • accounts receivable
  • automatic fire suppression
  • brands & labels
  • debris removal (insured property)
  • dead stock removal
  • debris recycling costs
  • special debris disposition costs
  • feed & silage
  • livestock round-up coverage
  • salespersons samples
  • semen & semen tank coverage
  • tack
  • valuable papers & records

Portage Mutual has been providing farm coverages from hobby farms to mixed grain and cattle farms for over a century. We also have developed coverage forms for specialized risks such as dairy, potato, and vegetable operations. Contact your insurance broker to inquire about these.

Potential ways to reduce your premiums! 

Talk to your insurance broker to find out potential ways to lower your insurance premiums. Your broker can explain options such as increasing your deductible or by conducting a review to see if you qualify for one or more of our available discounts:

Club 50, Alarm System, New Home (buildings up to 20 years old qualify for a discount), Mortgage Free and Claims Free.

Important Optional Coverages! Please consult with your insurance broker about important additional coverage options that could be available to you:

This important coverage is specifically designed to protect you from loss to your home or contents from the effects of water that backs up into your home from a sewer line. This could also by the result of a sump pump failure.

With overland flooding events on the rise such as accumulation of water from storm events or the overflowing of a body of water, you can look to add protection from this peril that has typically not been covered by insurance companies in Canada until recently.

Since 2014, Portage Mutual has provided specialized coverage for your underground service lines that bring water, power, data, and communications into your home. This includes coverage for temporary expenses should the home become uninhabitable.

Basic, Broad, or Comprehensive forms are available.

This is a coverage endorsement to protect you should you have a home-based business.

Portage Mutual works with a network of insurance brokers across Canada. They are licensed professionals who work hard to find you the best insurance solution. With so many options available, you can take the confusion out of the equation with the assistance of a professional insurance broker who can guide you through this important and complex buying decision. They are your advocate and advisor and work for your best interests when helping you with your insurance purchase.

Coverages and limits are subject to change. This is a general description of coverages. Actual policy conditions govern. For a complete description of coverages please consult your insurance broker or the Residential Pro policy booklet.

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