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If disaster strikes, will you know what you're missing?


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Insuring your possessions is the first step in protecting yourself against loss. But how much insurance do you need? And how will you be able to tell what's missing when disaster strikes?

We developed the Personal Property Inventory to serve two purposes. First, to help you evaluate the level of your present insurance coverage, to be sure it is adequate. Second, to help you determine the amount of your loss, should a claim occur.

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The inventory is easy to use. Take a room or so each evening for a week and record the description and replacement value of your possessions and property, then call your Portage Mutual Insurance broker. Your professional broker will help to determine if your present coverage is adequate.

Keep your inventory in a safe place, preferably in your insurance broker's file.

We suggest that you supplement this written inventory with photographs of the outside and inside of your home.

Review and update your Personal Property Inventory from time to time - we all make additional purchases and inflation has a drastic effect on the value of your possessions. By keeping your Personal Property Inventory up to date, you will know whether the amount of insurance you carry on your possessions is adequate.

Complete this form online or print it and fill it out by hand.


Click on the link below to open the pdf version of the Personal Property Inventory. This file can be filled out online and printed, or if you wish, it can be simply printed and filled out by hand. Be sure to check the "Hide Totals" check box if you decide to fill out the form by hand.

Please note that when filling out the form online it cannot be saved. Fill out the form and print it when it is completed.

Personal Property Inventory Form

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